The Family Photo…and our 2016 Christmas Card

We take a lot of pictures in this house. We document every little thing that happens around here so you would think that THE family photo would be a cake walk…

In an attempt to be ahead of the game this year I recruited my cousin Sam to photograph my family in our new neighborhood, quickly and nothing too fancy and before Thanksgiving at that! At the end of this session I felt like the Rocky theme song should have been playing just because we survived! If you can’t tell by that statement it was a rough time. Asher was whiny, Ryder wouldn’t smile etc etc. Sam was truly a miracle worker because the photos did not depict this at all! Well besides Ryder’s grumpiness which we couldn’t even bribe him out of (yes we were those people). But at the end of the day, when we look back at this time we will remember how awful it was, how tired we were after, and how much we wish we could go back.

This was our first shot…oh man!

The only child who cooperated! 

This is the photo that Freddie says looks like we are having fun…looks can be decieving!

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is! Our 2016 family photo and Christmas card. This year I went with Artifact Uprising as our printer and I could not be happier with the quality and efficiency of this company! The gold foil is subtle yet defining and the color and texture of our image was not distorted whatsoever. I cannot wait to get my 2016 album printed by them!

Next year the goal is to have our cards out by December 1…and maybe with older boys everything may go a little smoother. And maybe I’ll just keep it a secret that I wish they could stay small. Many many thank you’s to Sam Shapiro and Artifact Uprising.

Thirty One Weeks and Thirty One Years

 Once again I am trying to get a hold of this blogging and it has slipped out from under me! *sigh*

We drop our two oldest boys off every other weekend in Orange County. Low and behold there are amazing fields to take photos in! So we went on a spontaneous shoot with my cousin Sam manning my camera!

This was at week thirty-one which just so happened to be my birthday week and I turned thirty-one years. I hope that this year is a year for new beginnings and continued blessings. I am a mom to three minis who look up to me and need a good example of a good woman. I am an extremely lucky girl when I look back at my twenties. They were full of life lessons that I am grateful for but they sure did throw me for a loop!

So here is to my early thirties and my growing family and my job as Mom. And to finally getting this blog going! I hope!

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