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When we decided to buy our home we never dreamed that we would buy new construction. Fixer Upper is our love language and with Freddie being pretty much just like Chip Gaines we wanted to put our own touch on our first home and fix it up! Well, our brand new home was customized to what we wanted for the most part, so no tearing down walls or gutting kitchens for us. Although lots and lots of shiplap and new hardware were in the cards! The one thing that was untouched was our backyard. We purchased a lot with a sizable yard and that “yard” was compacted clay and run off foundation pour. Project backyard became our first home renovation.

I ended up drawing the plans on a scrap piece of paper one night and Freddie ran with it. To anyone who has every trenched through compacted clay…God bless you. It took many hours and the help of family and friends but the foundation for our backyard was the start of our scrap piece of paper plans! Water lines, gas lines, drains and electricity boxes were laid in and out of those hand dug trenches. Freddie thought of everything we may want to do in the future and made sure we had everything in place before we even decided on a paver to cover the foundation. He also removed the air conditioning unit that was standard to the house and moved a new slimline unit to a new location.

Looking back on these photos I cannot believe that he would do the backyard himself. But it was exactly what we wanted to do. Someone commented on an Instagram post of our home that they had never heard of new construction being called a fixer upper. In our eyes we bought a house. We had to make it a home! And this was only the beginning!


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