Project Backyard – Home DIY

When we decided to buy our home we never dreamed that we would buy new construction. Fixer Upper is our love language and with Freddie being pretty much just like Chip Gaines we wanted to put our own touch on our first home and fix it up! Well, our brand new home was customized to what we wanted for the most part, so no tearing down walls or gutting kitchens for us. Although lots and lots of shiplap and new hardware were in the cards! The one thing that was untouched was our backyard. We purchased a lot with a sizable yard and that “yard” was compacted clay and run off foundation pour. Project backyard became our first home renovation.

I ended up drawing the plans on a scrap piece of paper one night and Freddie ran with it. To anyone who has every trenched through compacted clay…God bless you. It took many hours and the help of family and friends but the foundation for our backyard was the start of our scrap piece of paper plans! Water lines, gas lines, drains and electricity boxes were laid in and out of those hand dug trenches. Freddie thought of everything we may want to do in the future and made sure we had everything in place before we even decided on a paver to cover the foundation. He also removed the air conditioning unit that was standard to the house and moved a new slimline unit to a new location.

Looking back on these photos I cannot believe that he would do the backyard himself. But it was exactly what we wanted to do. Someone commented on an Instagram post of our home that they had never heard of new construction being called a fixer upper. In our eyes we bought a house. We had to make it a home! And this was only the beginning!


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Do You Wanna Build a Scarecrow?

It sure does not feel like it here in the midst of three digit temperatures in California, but it is indeed Fall. We just had our first annual Halloween party last week and now we are back in the swimming pools! Crazy! It has been so hard to get in the holiday mood due to the weather so if you’re like most of us there is a simple DIY way to ring in the season.

Last year in our community there was a harvest festival and part of that was a scarecrow contest. I am probably one of the most competitive people you may meet in your life so I was all in! I had never even considered how I would construct this scarecrow but I figured there was a first for everything and lets give it a whirl!

Come to find out it is super simple to and pretty darn cutie if I do say so myself! I constructed your typical, everyday, run of the mill scarecrow and took pictures of the process to share!


I bought a half yard of burlap fabric at Hobby Lobby and folded it in half before I drew my scarecrow face template. I drew a circle I felt was large enough for my scale of scarecrow and then drew two curved lines on the bottom of the circle to create the neck.
After cutting out my template I pinned both pieces together to make my guidelines easier to sew in my sewing machine. After you sew together in a machine or by hand flip your “face” inside out!
I took two stakes from Home Depot and nailed them together to form the scarecrows body. I was lucky and found a pair of mens jeans and a nice fuzzy flannel on the sales rack at Target for next to nothing but definitely would have used what we had lying around the house.
You will also need a bundle of hay which I found at Michaels and although they look small iIonly used one! It was all I needed for the whole scarecrow! You will also need some rope or twine to tie your scarecrows limbs off and I used it as suspenders to hold his middle body together.
Before you stuff your screcrow with hay make sure to dress him up! Pull our pants on the lower part your stake frame and tie the bottoms of them off. Slip the arms of your shirt on the cross of your stake and tie the ends of the arms.
I cuffed my arms and pants but be creative! Also i had to cut a small slit in the croth of my pants in order to get it on the stake. Make sure it isn’t cut too large or you will lose hay!
And then you get to have fun! I started stuffing with the pants. made sure they were good and full and then buttoned up my flanned and stuffed the chest and arms.
My number one fan.
I wish i would have taken a picture of how I kept his body together. I took the same rope that I tied the limbs with and made “suspenders”. I tied a knot on two different belt loops on the back of the scarecrow before I stuffed his shirt and let them hang long behind him while I stuffed. When his shirt was full and buttoned I flipped the ropes over and tied to two different belt loops on the front of him. For extra support i just threaded the rope through his belt loops to make him a belt.
The last thing I did contruction wise was stuff and attatch his head. Before I stuffed the head I drew a face on him but thats up to you! When I attached his head I tied the bottom of the neck with some rope onto the stake.
After he is all stuffed up and can stand “on his own” in the ground you can go back and add extra hay around his collar and in his pockets. I put an old felt cowboy on him and hot glued a crow from Michaels on his shoulder. Because it was a neighborhood contest I added a flag with our community logo and a bouttinere with our family name.
He was really cool and he got second place! Our family was really excited about placing!
What a stud!

This is a really great way to bring fall to your home for a just a small expense! And if I can do it, anyone can! When I started this blog it was mainly for our family happenings because we are always doing something. I’m a mom with young kids trying to create traditions and memories as best I can and if I can pass down some of our things to bring into your homes well then that would be cool! Show me your scarecrows!